Google Pixel で不具合連発の模様



Google Pixel

が, しかし,

ここ数日で, 不具合ネタが連発されています.


Some Pixel phones would prematurely shut down at or around 30 percent and would not turn back on until a charger is connected.

Some Google Pixel devices shutting down at 30% battery | AndroidAuthority

Reddit: Some Google Pixel devices shutting down at 30% battery : Android


According to a considerable amount of Pixel and Pixel XL users, their phones suffer from a static distortion when the volume is at the three highest levels.

Google Pixel phones may have an audio problem | AndroidAuthority

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PSA – Currently on my 4th Pixel XL replacement due to an audio issue that appears to affect all Pixels (Video in description) and has not been acknowledged by Google : Android

どちらも, 投稿数や内容から見て事実っぽいし, 以前のNexusシリーズからの不具合を引きずってきているようにも見えます.

Some Nexus 6P devices are affected by bootloop issues


I really feel like we are in the age of version release hell.


まあ, ぶっちゃけると, ポチってから気がついたのですがね…

日本で使える LTE/3G バンド は?