プログラミング「ChatGPT にコーディングを依頼するだけ」は嘘?


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Sometimes a client falls into the trap of believing that there is some kind of silver bullet they can employ which will negate the inherent complexity around coding custom solutions. Nowadays the most cliche form of this is to say, "Well I'll just ask ChatGPT to code that for me". I call bullshit. While ChatGPT can handle some simple coding tasks, anything beyond that causes it to rapidly devolve into an unmanageable mess.

「コーディングの複雑さを解消する特効薬がある」という言葉を信じて罠に陥ることがあります。最近のこの決まり文句は「ChatGPT にコーディングを依頼するだけ」というものです。 私はデタラメだと思います。ChatGPT はいくつかの単純なコーディングタスクを処理できますが、その後急に、管理不能な混乱に陥ります。

Beyond the in vogue AI Chatbot example, there are a wide variety of other snake oil tools lingering about. All of them sell prospective buyers on the premise of allowing them to cut through the cruft and quickly pump out custom software without going through the years of training that professional Software Developers tend to go through. The most relevant example of this syndrome are so-called low code tools. As it so happens, I work with one of these at my current job.


This low-code tool is called ***** and my review of it is that its a steaming pile of shit. I won't go into the technical specifics of why as that probably deserves it's own post. While it has enabled some non-developers to produce custom logic and screens, it hasn't actually removed the inherent complexity around designing proper data structures, writing fault tolerant software and validating the quality of the resulting software. Because a lot of the coders in question don't have this expertise, the end result is a custom software system that is poorly thought through, is brittle and as a result will require constant fire fighting on the part of the future members of the team in an effort to keep it functional.

このローコードツールは ***** というもので、私がみたところ、とんでもないクソの山です。その理由についての技術的な詳細については、ここでは触れません。非開発者でもロジックや画面を作成できるようになりましたが、適切なデータ構造の設計、耐障害性のあるソフトウェアの作成、出来上がったソフトウェアの品質の検証など、固有の複雑さを取り除くことはできません。多くのコーダーはこのような専門知識を持ち合わせていないため、最終的にソフトウェアは、十分に考え抜かれておらず、脆弱で、その結果、機能を維持するために未来のチームメンバーによる絶え間ない消火活動が必要となります。

I haven't even mentioned the best part: Tools like this aren't cheap and they tend to structure their licenses / billing so that you end up paying for as long as you use the software you produce with the tool. On top of which, all of these tools seem to involve accepting some level of vendor lock-in. So the more time you put into tools like these, the tighter their grip on your proverbial balls becomes.

一番大事なことは、このようなツールは安くはなく、ツールで作成したソフトウェアを使用する限り、最終的には、支払いが発生するような ライセンス/請求 の仕組みとなっています。その上、これらのツールはすべてベンダーロックインを受け入れなければならず、このようなツールに時間を費やすほどベンダーロックから抜けられなくなります。

In both the AI Chatbot and the Low Code tool scenarios, the solutions each promise a shortcut around the complexity as perceived by a non-practitioner. That's the essence of the trap. Practitioners know that the writing of the code is merely the last step in a long process that involves a lot of thinking, discussion and planning. The code is generally the end result and producing it is relatively easy once you truly understand the problem at hand.


TLDR: Designing a solution worth a damn is actually the most difficult part of the software development process. Low Code tools lie to customers by implying that the writing of code is the hardest part. The reality is that No Low Code tool can spare you from having to take the time to properly design your custom software or the consequences you will experience when you build solutions around a half-ass design.



🤔 この意見についてどう思うか ChatGPT に聞いて見た







🤔 まとめ


1. 特効薬でコーディングが楽になるというのは誤解やで。
2. AIチャットボットやローコードツールは一部のタスクにしか使えへん。
3. 開発には経験や専門知識が必要や。


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