Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI



We looked at how to build a simple app with both Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI. The approaches for using these frameworks is different as outlined above.

👉 Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI - Coding with Mohit hatena-bookmark

If you think it is a good idea to use Compose for both Android and iOS, I’ll probably disagree with you. It is important to respect UI/UX guidelines of the platform and Compose can’t build an application like SwiftUI does.

👉 SwiftUI vs Jetpack Compose by an Android Engineer | by Gérard Paligot | Mar, 2022 | ProAndroidDev hatena-bookmark

You should definitely keep an eye on both frameworks!

👉 SwiftUI vs. Jetpack Compose | QuickBird Studios Blog hatena-bookmark

Kotlinに慣れ親しんでるのもあるかもしれませんが、個人的にはJetpack Composeが一番ストレスなく書くことができました。 Jetpack Composeは現在DesktopアプリやWebでも使え、今後活躍の幅が広がって欲しいなと思っています。

👉 Jetpack Compose, React, Flutter, SwiftUIを比較する - Blog - Mori Atsushi hatena-bookmark



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