Opt-in requirement marker annotation on override requires the same marker on base declaration



→ @OptIn(FlowPreview::class)

→ @OptIn(ExperimentalCoroutinesApi::class)

gradle で一括で無視しときますか?


Opt-in requirements (aka Experimental API support)

👉 kotlinx.coroutines/Annotations.kt at master · Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines 
👉 [BUG] [multiplatform] ExperimentalAPI annotation from Kotlin 1.6.0 and above - githubmemory 
👉 Opt-in requirements (aka Experimental API support) · Issue #95 · Kotlin/KEEP 
👉 Opt-in requirements | Kotlin 

👉 @SuppressWarnings て使っていますか。 

2022-05-14 : 追記

→ Deprecated に。
👉 '-Xopt-in' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release, please use -opt-in instead hatena-bookmark

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