java.lang.IllegalStateException: Module with the Main dispatcher is missing. Add dependency providing the Main dispatcher, e.g. ‘kotlinx-coroutines-android’




-keepnames class kotlinx.** { *; }

IllegalStateException: Module with the Main dispatcher is missing · Issue #799 · Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines

# ServiceLoader support
-keepnames class kotlinx.coroutines.internal.MainDispatcherFactory {}
-keepnames class kotlinx.coroutines.CoroutineExceptionHandler {}

# Most of volatile fields are updated with AFU and should not be mangled
-keepclassmembernames class kotlinx.** {
    volatile <fields>;

Android app with coroutines 0.30.1-eap13 crashes in runtime · Issue #657 · Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines


Jetifier forces Dagger 2.16 even when 2.17 is declared as a dependency [115738511] – Visible to Public – Issue Tracker